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The Quad

The brown box arrived this afternoon. Within in it, nestled against a transparent, inflatable plastic bag lies the Quad, shrink-wrapped within another plastic bag.

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The God Makers

This 1997 book purports to be the definitive expose on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (or Mormons). What it really is can be summed up by Gilbert Scharffs, who became so incensed upon reading it that he published a 408-page rebuttal four years later. Aside from the fact that the “Godmakers” book and film […]


Brigham City (2001)

The idyllic life of Brigham City, Utah, is shattered when the sheriff (a Mormon bishop) realizes a killer has entered his garden of Eden. As the body count rises, the community within and outside the local church pulls together in search of answers, and protection.