Blue, the Color for All Reasons

It’s funny how the mind works, and what it chooses to focus on. If you ask me what I want to do with my life, I can’t give you an answer. But I can tell you what my favorite color is: Blue.

If you drag me into a store and ask me to choose my favorite food, or clothing or music or book, I will stand there and stammer and look at you funny for having asked such a question. But I can tell you what my favorite color is.

In the old days, if you’d asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would not only have stammered at this query, but would’ve also been embarrassed for not having an answer to THE QUESTION, feeling poorly about myself for not knowing what I wanted. After all, everybody else knows what they want. What’s wrong with me, anyway? Older now, I am less concerned with what I should want, and more concerned with what I like.

And while unsure why I’m drawn to blue, I can look with assurance at my choice, based on what the others are not.

Red? Too utilitarian and not a hue one can warm up to, unless you enjoy danger, peril, warnings, emergencies or access control.

Orange? Warm and fun, but like the fruit represents, too much time spent in its company leads to spoilage and rot.

Yellow? Too pale and wan, it connotes sickness, malaise, impending negativity and doom: Yellow fever, journalism, dog, snow or river.

Green? While a close second to blue, it falls short of the mark. Maybe it’s too earthy, too healthy looking, too verdant for my metropolitan tastes. Sort of like going for a walk in the woods to grab some fresh air, and getting a lungful of glorious smelling pine, but then digging down with your bare hands into the soft ground, holding the fresh, cool, moist, brown earth up to your nose- and the more you smell it, the more overwhelmed you are by the primitive nature and depth of its odor. Somewhere inside, you are feeling that this is too much (or not enough) – that it is foreign to you and more than you want to know- and you are unable to continue, instead opening your hands to let the dirt fall back into the cold ground- even dusting and wiping as much of it from your hands as possible before moving away to an inviting, sunlit patch of meadow.

Blue needs not justify its existence.

Though some say its attraction is greatest among the depressed, I find it deep and reassuring. It signifies a solid foundation, depth, something ancient but good- and the best modifier of them all:

Blue gray

Blue eyes

Blue bell

Blue ribbon

Blue grass

Blue berry

Blue pine

Blue water

Blue Danube

Blue sea

Blue sky

Blue moon

Blue star

Blue angel

Blue heaven

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